Spinal Pain – Scoliosis

According to the Mayo Clinic, scoliosis can be defined as a sideways curvature of the spine. This curvature happens just prior to puberty in most children. Scoliosis curves can be either in the shape of a “C” or and “S”, causing the patient to walk and/or stand unevenly. Severe cases of scoliosis can cause back pain and difficulty with breathing. These curvatures can at times be also very painful for the scoliosis sufferer.

Spinal deformities are normally mild not requiring any treatment yet severe spinal curvature can be quite disabling.

Symptoms of Scoliosis:

• Uneven hips
• Uneven shoulders
• Uneven waist

Most causes of scoliosis are unknown.

However, here a few possibilities:

• Hereditary
• Injuries to spine
• Neuromuscular disabilities such as cerebral palsy & muscular dystrophy
• Polio or Spina bifida
• Birth defects

Acupuncture To Help Scoliosis:

• Eliminate pain
• Reduce inflammation
• Relax muscles
• Improve circulation
• Promote healing
• Balance the spine

Acupuncture practitioners recommend a holistic health approach inclusive of herbal remedies, massage and stretching. According to Eastern holistic medicine, treatment of scoliosis is greatly enhanced with the following lifestyle changes:

• Stretching to help lengthen muscles alleviating pain and helping correct curvature
• Diets including anti-inflammatories, unprocessed and organic foods
• Participation in sports & exercise increases flexibility such as pilates and/or yoga
• Massage Therapy