Success Stories

From Doctors

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A Believer after Fifteen Years: Neck, Shoulder & Sciatic Pain Eliminated

Dr. Romaniello, DMD

A dentist for 45 years, Dr. Romaniello had a stiff neck and sciatic trouble that limited his ability to drive, sleep and get up and down from chairs.

“I had extreme sciatic pain down my back, buttocks and legs down to my ankle. The medication was temporary. I heard about the Acupuncture Skin Care Clinic listening to the local radio station and it brought back memories of acupuncture I had tried fifteen years ago. I experienced difficulty driving because of the limited range of motion in my neck and decided to do it. Dr. Phan was able to reduce the pain in my neck so I could move left to right, up and down. It was returned to normal functioning. A non-drug, non-surgical, preventative solution, acupuncture has been a tremendous help for my sciatic pain as well.”

Post Operative Pain

Robert Leb, M.D. (Radiologist)

“After 3 back surgeries years ago and recent hip problems I turned to Dr. Phan to help alleviate my pain I did not completely achieve through conventional medicine. After only 7 treatments of acupuncture and neuromuscular therapy with Dr. Phan my symptoms improved considerably. I am now able to play golf pain free.”

Chronic Back Pain

Sandra Awarez, M.D.

“We must be open to different modalities of treatment that would bring balance to our body, mind and spirit. When I failed to respond to traditional medicines for my back pain, acupuncture therapy helped me decrease my pain, regain function and improve my quality of life.”

Shoulder Pain

Dr. Mcdonough, Podiatrist

“I am a podiatrist in Ormond Beach and had been having extreme pain in my shoulder for about four months. I was treating it myself but it progressed to the point that my sleep was impaired and I couldn’t get comfortable in bed. My husband suggested that I try acupuncture and although skeptical I arranged to have bi-weekly treatments with Dr. Phan at the Acupuncture & Skin Care Clinic here in town.”

“This was a very different and “unusual” approach from my practice. There were no instant results. In fact it took about 12 visits before I noticed actual change. But gradually the nerves, tendons and ligaments began to heal. It was amazing.”

“I am now a convert and strong supporter of acupuncture. Real healing takes time and dedication but the results are worth the effort.”

Back Pain and Hip Pain

Harry Price, M.D.

“Acupuncture treatments by Dr. Phan helped my chronic back and hip pain tremendously”

Conquering Fear of the Unknown

By Dr. Ingris

“Dr. Ingris, a St. Augustine veterinarian was encouraged to try acupuncture by her massage therapist. In search of long term results instead of temporary relief, she was more than willing to give acupuncture a try to relieve her lower back pain.”

“People are afraid of the unknown. We are raised a certain way. If we have a pain, we go to a traditional doctor and don’t ask questions or educate ourselves and instead do what they say.”

“There is not only one option to solve the problem. There are many different therapies that can help you so you don’t have to endure long-term pain with long-term medications enduring long-term side effects. Acupuncture is one of those options that can help you with surgery or pain killers.” My lower back pain is much better now. I owed it all to Dr. Phan’s acupuncture treatments.”

Back and Neck Spasms

Dr. Coleman Hugh, M.D. (Family Physician)

“I am a medical doctor who practices in the area. I have suffered from acute neck and lower back spasms for years. I now also experience pain in my left shoulder.”

“I have, of course, tried traditional therapies but nothing helped.”

“As a last resort I decided to try acupuncture. I must admit I am very pleased with the results from acupuncture with Dr. Phan.”

“I would definitely agree that acupuncture is a good adjunct to use. The small needles are painless, I couldn’t feel them at all, and the results are impressive.”

Chiropractor Pairs Acupuncture with Adjustments To Heal His Own Work Related Injury

By William B., Chiropractor

Dr. William B., a chiropractor visiting Ormond Beach brought with him a back and shoulder injury from adjusting larger patients in his practice in Nashville, Tennessee.  The injury was aggravated while traveling.  Family and friends recommended the Acupuncture & Skin Care Clinic.  Upon arrival, Dr. William decided to pair chiropractic adjustments with acupuncture treatments from Dr. Phan. 

“After the first acupuncture treatment on my shoulder, it was so much better.  There is no pain and today it is still gone.  I also have noticeably increased range of motion.  The feeling of the needles is equivalent to a mosquito bite.  They do not hurt a bit!” 

“I’ve tried many things over the years.  My suggestion is keep an open mind.  If you take drugs, they are poison.  If you can utilized something natural such as acupuncture therapy or some other modality that is non-invasive, I would say, “Go for it.” It works. 

Pediatric Nurse is utilized on Eastern Technique of Acupuncture to Heal Back Pain

At the suggestion of her orthopedic surgeon, three epidurals later and numerous attempts at trying to alleviate back pain through Western medicine, a pediatric nurse’s chronic pain returns and she seeks relief through acupuncture for the very first time.  

With a background in medical training, she was apprehensive about acupuncture.  Her experience at the Acupuncture & Skin Care Clinic was painless and resulted in a great reduction in pain and return of normal sleep patterns which has helped her body heal tremendously.  

“I used to sleep three to four hours and last night I slept through and felt great. There is less pain so I am now able to get up in the morning with such ease. Acupuncture is a gradual process; the results do not occur overnight yet in the long run. I believe acupuncture is going to help me tremendously.  I really look forward to a complete recovery.”

Shoulder & Lower Back Pain

Bill Brennion, Chiropractor

“I had been having back pain as well as difficulty with my shoulder for some time, eventually unable to put my arm behind my back.  Being a chiropractor for thirty years I was getting adjusted but even adjustments were not that effective anymore.  Concerned I called on my colleague Dr. Phan.  He has given me seven acupuncture treatments and my shoulder is doing much better.  I can tell when the needles are in the right place.  I can feel the warmness and energy moving thru my body up and down the meridians.  I know it is removing congestion around the tissues, and cleaning out impurities.  Acupuncture at Dr. Phan’s clinic is a really nice experience.  At times there is a slight discomfort but it doesn’t really hurt.  You need to keep an open mind.”